Wooden Furniture Care


Wooden furniture is strong, qualitative and also looks great, but unfortunately keeping it clean and maintaining it can be a very hard task as wood has a tendency of accumulating dust and dirt and also soak all kind of liquids. If you have a wooden furniture at home or you are willing to get it, follow these wooden furniture care tips to make sure this kind of furniture will last and look great for a long time.

Use only warm water, soft cloth and mild dish soap to clean wooden furniture. Water won’t do any harm to the furniture, just make sure you don’t soak it too much, because than it will be permanently damaged. Don’t use any chemicals or special cleaners, because they can corrode the wood. You can use cleaners only if wooden furniture has some metallic or glass parts. To reach some gaps and other hard-to-reach spaces you can use toothbrush or q-tips.

To protect the wooden furniture you can use soft paste wax. Before doing that, make sure exact wax is appropriate for wooden furniture. If so, read the instructions before doing something. Probably you will need to apply it in a very thin coat, wait few minutes and wipe it off with soft cloth. After this procedure wooden furniture should get beautiful shine and also it should be protected against dirt and other harmful factors for about one moth.

Protect the furniture from the sun and the heat. Fine finishes can fade and the wood can dry out and shrink in the sunlight and heat. That will cause cracks and other damages. To avoid that make sure wooden furniture is not placed near heating units and also there is no direct sunlight getting through. If there is no other place to put the furniture than next to window where sun is shining, at least cover its surface with some cloth.

If there are any white hazy rings or spot that the hot coffee mug or other dishes have made, you must get rid of them very carefully. One of the options is to use mild abrasive for example, baking soda with some oil. To clean them use soft cloth, but make sure you are cleaning only the dirty spot not all the surface. Another way is using dilute bleach. That also is harmful for the wood so don’t scrub all the furniture. Be very careful with these cleaning methods. The best advice would be using mats under dishes to not get these kind of stains in the first place.

Change the placement of items and accessories on wood furniture surfaces and also change the placement of the furniture within the room once in a while to redistribute wear patterns. Unfortunately wood, as many natural materials has a tendency to fade and change color, to avoid that make sure you are not subjecting it to exposure of negative factors all the time.

Also don’t place any unnatural, synthetic objects distractedly to the surface of the wooden furniture. That can cause chemical damage on the furniture. Although not all the synthetic materials can cause damage and actually the chance to get them is very small, still it would be wise to use mats if doing that, because these kind of damages are permanently.

Wooden Furniture Care