Tricks used in menus to make costumers order more

Have you noticed that sometimes when you go to a restaurant or cafe, you order a lot more than you have planned before? If you go to get a drink, you end up at least with some snacks. That’s because menu is not just a simple list of meals. There are some tricks to make costumer’s order a lot more. Next time, when you go to a restaurant or other caterer, pay attention to these tricks.

First trick is to offer as many foods as possible. Costumers might think it’s a good thing to have a lot of meals to choose from, but actually it’s a psychological trick. Costumer will feel confused and willing to order more than one food, because everything will seem tasty. It is very simple – if you can’t choose one food, you will have two or more, even if you are not that hungry. IF you know this trick, it is easier to concentrate and choose only one food.

Some caterers add pictures to the menu. Again, that might seem as a courtesy from an establishment, because it helps to understand how the food will look and taste, but actually it’s meant to make you hungrier. These pictures are really appetizing, so you will want to have that, no matter what your first plan was. Only way how you can avoid this trick is to strictly adhere to your intentions to come over to caterer.

The next trick is manipulation with prices. It is really hard to spot this, because many people doesn’t even notice that it affects’ them. It’s psychological trick that only professionals can truly understand. For example, they put 9, 99 EUR for the food instead of 10, 00 EUR, because cents are considered as change that doesn’t matter so 9, 99 EUR seems a lot less than 10, 00 EUR, although it’s almost the same.

Caterers also use the same tricks that supermarkets, only in menus not showcases. That means they put the most expensive foods right in the middle or on top so you see them better. Cheaper ones are at the bottom so you wouldn’t pay attention on them.

Something similar is putting normal priced foods next to very expensive foods. For example they put a meal that costs 100 EUR and put a meal that pays only 20 EUR right next to it. They don’t expect you to order this expensive dish, but at the same time it makes the other meal look very cheap. Order what you want, not what looks profitable.

Also lot of caterers, especially restaurants, uses fancy language that makes the meals seem very sophisticated and expensive. For example if they use name brochettes, it seems like a very tasty foreign food, however those are just bake slices of bread with some side dish. So better pay attention of the components of the meal than name.

So next time when you eat outside the house, pay attention to some tricks caterers use to make you hungry and willing to order expensive foods. That will make it able to have a nice meal for low cost.

Tricks used in menus to make costumers order more