Kitchen Design Trends


Although kitchen is the most functional place of the house and most important aspect when arranging and designing it is comfort and possibility to work easy, it still must be aesthetic as people spend so much time there. It is lot easier to work at place where you want to be, so you must think of beautiful, interesting design for your kitchen. Here are some kitchen design trends that you can use in your kitchen.

One of the most common trends is white color. It is the most popular color for kitchen design right now. Almost everything comes in white – walls ceiling, tiles, floor, furniture, appliances etc. It really creates clean aesthetic looks. However, white color surfaces gets dirty soon, no matter how much you try to care of them and clean them. If you want to integrate this trend in your kitchen at least make sure the surfaces are easy to clean. Better choice would be mix the white color with some other, for example, gray, to make sure you doesn’t have to do the spring cleaning every day.

Hidden appliances now are used almost in any modern kitchen. Appliances make kitchen cold and industrial. With traditional white appliances kitchen reminds some factory, not a cozy room of the house, that is why now all appliances must be hidden. They are mounted into niches and covered with wooden or other material surface to integrate them into the rest of interior. If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen this is a good way how to make this time more comfortable.

Natural materials is a trend for any room of the house and kitchen is no exception. Most popular way how natural materials are integrated into a kitchen design is by using wooden surfaces. Wood is used as a surface not only for table, but for every piece of furniture and also some of the appliances. What is interesting, these wood surfaces are made from rough dark wood, not clean, smooth, varnished wood to make completely natural look. This is not only aesthetic, but functional as well, because you can use any surface as a table.

Really great is that also functional design now is considered as trend. It gets as all kind of place economy for example, installing toe-kick drawer under the lower cabinets, adding containers or extra drawers above the upper cabinets or installing pullout shelves. From designer point of view it is convenient, because you can hide all the tools and make your kitchen beautiful and perfect when not working there, but for owner it is a chance to cook a lot easier.

And the last trend is colorful appliances. Although many designers still use the traditional light colors in design to match with rest of the interior or hide them as it was mentioned before, now bright appliances and sinks are very actual as well. They can be integrated into white interior and in traditional pastel color interior as well. It creates very interesting look and can brighten up the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends


Bathroom is not only a place where to do all hygienic procedures, but also our little heaven of peace where we can relax and spend some time with ourselves. That is why bathroom design is so important. Actually bathroom must be the most aesthetic place in the home, so here are some bathroom design trends you can get inspired from.

One of the top trends is hexagonal tile. They can be either big or small and in different colors. Hexagonal tile look very interesting, because they remind cells, but actually, combined with simple bathroom furniture and other design elements they fit in very well and create very unique, but still elegant look. This trend will be a great solution for those who want their heaven of peace to be outstanding and creative.

Another trend is opened showers. Also that might seem a little bit odd and even unacceptable for many people, because it takes away any privacy and reminds public showers in the swimming pools, however it give unlimited freedom. If you add some plants in your bathroom you can get the feeling of washing in natural waterfall in the middle of the jungle. Also it is practical, because the bathroom looks a lot bigger this way and there is more space for furniture and other things.

Black fixtures are now very trendy. We are used to silver fixtures, so black might look very interesting and unusual, but mixed with appropriate furniture and tile they can look even lot better and synchronized. For example, white bath, marble walls and black shelves would go along with black fixtures just fine. Of course, there are also many other great examples wow it can work.

Usage or organic and natural materials such as wood is now very common. There can be wooden floors or even wooden walls. Also rough natural materials can be used such as rocks and strains. For bathroom furniture and decorations basketry are widely used. Usually these kind of materials are used in other rooms, but now they have been integrated into bathrooms very well. It creates a little bit antique and elegant looks.

Now decorative water-dispensing products are very trendy and that is exactly what can make your bathroom a peace harbor where to get some rest. There is nothing more relaxing than slowly running water and if this running water is complemented with beautiful decorative object, it is even more beautiful.

If we talk about actual colors than now darker tones for bathrooms are widely used. Bathrooms are usually painted in very light colors or even totally white, but now gray, dark brown, and golden colors are mixed with traditional white. They look very good together and remain the clean expression of a white color.

And the last trend is vintage bath. No more modern bubble bathes or Jacuzzi are used. Now a must have item for bathroom design is aristocratic vintage bath. Like the ones high-born persons had few hundred years ago. They can be complimented with golden details to look even more elegant. However, also wooden bathes are actual, as there is natural material chic so common.

Bathroom Design Trends

Furniture from Recycled Materials

Recycling is a huge trend for a while now, because recycling your waste is good for the environment and your sole. But there are people who take recycling to the next level and don’t just recycle by putting the correct materials in the correct bins. They actually create something from recycled materials, and in this case lets look at some of the great furniture pieces that people have made from recycled things.

Coat racks


One of the easiest furniture piece to made from many different recycled materials is coat rack, because it doesn’t require a lot of material or a lot of skill to make the mount-to-the-wall type of coat racks. I have seen coat racks made not only from old door knobs, but also from old hammers that are mounted to a piece of wood and even ones made from wine bottles. The possibilities here really are endless, since you can use hand coats on virtually any object or find a way how to turn any object into something that can serve as a coat rack. And no matter if you buy a recycled coat rack or build it yourself from materials that you have lying around your home, it will still be better that buying new plastic or wood coat racks, where new materials are used to make them.



The second easiest thing to make from recycled materials probably is a chair, since chairs come in so many different varieties, shapes and sizes. Some of the most original recycled material chairs I have seen have been a chair made from thick rope, one made from Walk/Don’t walk signs or chic chair made using old bike parts. With chairs, similarly how it is with coat hangers, you don’t need a lot of material to make a chair, but you will need a little more imaginations in order to turn old materials that you don’t need anymore into chairs that are unique, will look cool in your home and that are functional, too.



And thirdly, tables, too, are common furniture piece that is made from recycled materials, and anything from old wood to books, to plastic bottles to literally anything else can be used to make recycled tables. By making your own table from recyclables, weather it is a dining table, a side table or a coffee table, which is the most common type of tables made from recycled materials I have seen, you can add a special and interesting look to your home as well as have a conversion-starter piece of furniture, that no doubt will be admired by or at least talked about by any guest that comes to your home.

Furniture from Recycled Materials

Furniture Trends in 2016

Furniture is very crucial to our lives, because without furniture we wouldn’t have beds to sleep in, desks to work on and closets to take stuff out of. But did you know that just like in fashion in furniture design, too, trends change from year to year, season to season. So if you are decorating your home this season or just want your interior to be up with the trends, then keep on reading this article on this years hottest furniture trends.

1. Colored stainless steel appliances

Colored stainless steel appliances

One of the furniture trend in 2016 regarding mainly kitchen furniture is colored stainless steel appliances. If regular stainless steel has been in style for quite some time and used not only in kitchen furniture but also in bathroom and even living room furniture, then now the shiny silver metal material is being exchanged for a dark alternative of colored steel. That is mostly because it still has that sleekness and durability that stainless steel gives to the furniture, yet provide a bit more interest to the furniture by adding color.

2. Outdoors fabrics indoors

 Outdoors fabrics indoors

If in the past there where some fabrics that were only used for outdoors furniture like outdoors sofas and lounge chairs, then now these materials more and more are used for indoors furniture as well. And that is great because if you have a living room or dining room that is tends to be used a lot, the slightly more durable outdoors fabrics will keep your furniture fresh for longer, without showing any wear and tear signs. On top of that nowadays these outdoors fabrics come in large variety of colors and patterns, so your furniture doesn’t have to be boring to be long-lasting.

3. Statement mirrors

Statement mirrors

Bathrooms too are starting to experience a change in design in the recent years. And one of the newer trends regarding bathroom furniture design is medicine cabinets being replaced with statement mirrors. Although not everyone are down with having less storage only to have some added design elements in their bathrooms, these statement mirrors actually can look very chic and also provide more mirrored space, which can be as helpful as a few extra shelves.

4. Ditching of technology


And lastly believe or not but a furniture trend this season is ditching technology for design and function. A lot of designers and homeowners are choosing not to place a TV in living rooms and instead installing bookshelves, fireplaces or other decor or storage options. This way they are creating a calm, screen and technology free environment, where you can avoid digital distractions that already fill our lives in the form of smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Furniture Trends in 2016

Furniture That Every Home Needs

Many thing that furniture is just functional things you must have in your home to store stuff on or to have something to sit on or sleep in, but furniture is much more than that. Furniture also can be a style statement for your home, while being functional. And there are some furniture pieces that are more important than others and that every home should have.

Dresser is one of those crucial pieces of furniture that you should have, because it not only adds character to your home, since you can chose from many different dresser styles, heights and colors, but it also adds a ton of storage. You can add dresser to your bedroom, dining room, living room or any other room, that needs that extra oomph. Things to know when you are searching for your perfect dresser is to have it about 36 inches tall, 50 inches wide and no deeper that 18 inches, since this type of dresser is the perfect height and will fit in in any room or room decor setting.Dresser For any self worth home, you should have at least one table, that can be turned into an occasion table. Nowadays many homes don’t have a specific dining room anymore with a big desk and a number of chairs, but you should at least have a table that you can use as a dining room table. I have seen options of having a kitchen table on casters that can easily be moved from room to room and used as breakfast table, dining table, etc., as well as just tables that are used as storage in everyday setting but that can be turned into bull blown dining table. This type of multi purpose table will be great for anyone living in an apartment or smaller house, or even for somebody who lives in big space but don’t want to go the traditional route o having a dining room.Table

Statement mirrors are huge not, so why not invest in one for your home? It can serve not only as a mirror, but also as style element to give your home some interest and a completely new look. You can place this statement mirror in your bathroom or even in a bit non-traditional room for a mirror like your living room or bed room. Just search for statement mirror decor on the internet and you will see how one simple mirror can transform your interior form plain to something chic.Statement mirror
Who doesn’t like a cozy interior that you can see yourself in just relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea? And the best way to achieve this type of interior is to have a rug in your living room or bed room. You can either choose a statement rug or a more ethnic themed textile and it will let you achieve similar result. The great thing about rugs is that you can tailor the style of rug to the style of your room, so it fits in perfectly without you having to buy all new furniture, because buying a rug will be much cheaper than refurnishing your whole room.rug

Furniture That Every Home Needs