Tips for Moving Furniture


Either you’re moving out or just rearranging your house, moving heavy furniture is a hard and responsible job. It can make scratches, dents and even bigger damages to the furniture and also can negatively impact your health if done incorrectly. Here are some advises, how to move heavy, awkward items without wrecking your back, your house or your furniture.

Dismantle furniture only so much you can move it. Many people totally dismantle furniture, because they think it will make moving easier. Of course, it will be easier to carry only some parts of the furniture not the whole item, but dismantled furniture can’t be put together as it was before. It might become skew when put beck together again. Better don’t risk with possibility to damage your furniture and keep it in as big parts as you can.

Tall items must be carried high and low. A tall items are hard and awkward to handle so it is a job for two people. To hold the piece of furniture, tip it backward at the angle and have one person carry the top and other the bottom. This gripe makes sure that the weight is put on the center of the item and you will have control over it. Using this method you can even easily carry furniture up and down the stars.

Use lifting straps for very heavy items that is difficult to grasp. Some furniture is so heavy and slippery that even two or thee people can’t carry it. If you have that kind of items as well, use lifting straps. Those are very durable traps that can be put around forearms to change the weight center and other part is put around the piece of furniture so it would be easy to grasp it. Look for lifting straps that can be adjusted for different length and size objects.

Slide your furniture if you can. If you doesn’t need to move your furniture floor by floor, but just to put it a little bit further, slide it using blanket or any other cloth. Just put the cloth under the furniture and pull it in the direction you want your furniture to be. It will make the moving a lot easier and you can be sure your floor and furniture won’t be damaged.

Protect the furniture with bubble film or regular film. Carrying furniture can easily create all kind of damages if you hit a corner. To prevent that, the best method is wrapping all your furniture in a film. It won’t protect the furniture if it falls, but at least you can be sure there won’t be any scratches and small dents. You can buy a film in any retail store.

And plan where exactly every piece of furniture will be placed. No matter if you are moving or just rearranging your house, make sure you won’t do double work. Carrying furniture is very heavy work so better put every item in the place where it will be placed for the rest of the time. Many people just move furniture out of its place and then think what to do next, but it is just unnecessary work.

Tips for Moving Furniture