Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom


Bedroom is one of the main rooms of the house. It’s the place where we spend most of our time and where we rest our minds. It’s hard to relax if you have a nagging feeling that there is something wrong with the place, so correct bedroom design is very important. If you have that feeling and you are willing to change it, here are some advises from the experts how to create a better bedroom.

Use very simple arrangement of the furniture. Although usually there are not may pieces of the furniture in the bedrooms, many people are willing to make things complicated. Bedroom arrangement should be very traditional – the bed is the central object and there should be side circulation around it. Also usually there is closet in the bedroom which can be located either on the one side of the bed or at the foot of the bed, depending on the rooms’ dimensions. Other furniture and items can be placed in different ways, but make sure you keep the balance. Don’t put too many things at one place.

Don’t forget about the privacy. Many people don’t feel comfortable in their bedrooms, because when someone comes in he can see everything at the first glimpse. To avoid that you can create a small foyer by placing the closet on the wall next to the doors. If that is not possible, because of the dimensions of the room, thing of other methods how to hide your sleeping ares a little bit, for example, put some bigger plans on the side of the bed.

Drawer is a must have item for any bedroom. Put it right next to the bed, so you can hide all the bedtime necessities such as medicine, cosmetics, tissues, chargers etc. Some small irrelevant objects can destroy the looks of any interior, no matter how beautiful and deliberative it is, so make sure you can put them all in one place where no one can see them.

Get some furniture for sitting. Although bedroom is mostly meant for sleeping and sitting is for dining room or living room, putting small table and some small chairs or sitting bags is a great idea. It can make the bedroom look more cozy and also they can be functional. For example, you can sometimes eat your breakfast in the bedroom or just put some things on it.

Buy an area rug. There is nothing more unpleasant than stepping on the cold floor after getting out of the bed. Rug will make every morning more pleasant, beside it will create better looks and even can make your bedroom look bigger if placed concretely. Place many small rugs alongside the bed or one bigger rug under the whole bed. You can also put one fur rug at the foot of the bed to create very cozy design. Be creative and experiment with positions of the rug until you get the right feeling.

Get some pillows and blankets. There is nothing else more cozy than bed full of warm blankets and fuzzy pillows. Choose them in colors that matches the rest of the interior for better looks, but make sure they are warm, fuzzy and nice to touch. That will definitely make your bedroom the best room of the house where you want to spend your time and relax.

Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom