Tips on Buying Used Furniture

Furniture is something we cannot live without, because even houses with the most minimalist style interiors has a few key furniture pieces. However, new furniture can get expensive, especially if you want to buy furniture made for heavy duty, durable materials, not ones made with cheap plywood. An option how you can still have these great quality pieces, yet not break the bank is to buy your furniture used. But unfortunately this poses a whole other set of concerns about the state, quality, wear and tear and the look of the furniture. So here are some tips on buying used furniture, that will always be of the best quality and will last you a long time.

See, sniff and feel

buying used furniture

The first and maybe one of the most important tip in successfully buying used furniture is to trust your senses when you are looking at a furniture piece you like. Not only look at it with your eyes, but also check the draws if you are looking at a desk of a chest and the bottom and inside of any bed, chair and other similar items. This will not only prevent you from buying broken furniture, but also will prevent you from buying furniture with bed bugs or cockroaches in them, which can be hard to kill once they have found a place they like. The second sense you need to use is touch, because you should always feel any furniture you are going to buy, old or new. Also try it out, and this especially goes for chairs and sofas, since if it is uncomfortable in the store, it won’t become any more comfy when you bring it home and you will have spent money for a furniture piece that you will never actually use. And the last sense you need to really rely on when buying used or second-hand furniture is smell. The reason behind this is that smells and odors are very hard to get out of furniture, especially soft furniture like sofas. If stains can usually be removed with different solutions or by refurnishing your piece, smell can be still there even after these processes if it has really soaked up into the furniture piece. So if the sofa, chair or other furniture smells funny, they I would suggest you to really thing long and hard about buying it.

Don’t be afraid of getting hands on with your furniture

used furniture

The second thing you have to remember when you are buying used furniture is that it is in fact used, so there probably will be some scratches on desks or shelves and some wear and tear signs on soft furniture. But that being said, these small defects also have easy fixes, so even if you find a second-hand furniture piece with some imperfection, don’t let that stop you from buying the piece, because usually you can easily fix it yourself or with the help of an expert. Scratches can be sandpapered away, teared fabrics can be refurnished and chipped paint can be stripped and repainted. Just make sure that the redesigning or restoring process is worth it, because in some cases it can be quite expensive. For example of you bought a simple used chair on the whim just because it was cheap and once you brought it home and calculated the costs of restoring it to its former glory you realize that it will cost you double, triple or even four times as much as the chair actually cost you, then maybe it is not worth doing it. But if you bought a super comfy and cute sofa that still needs costly refurnishing, then in this case it can be worth it, because you will get a comfy and unique sofa, that you will probably use every day.

Tips on Buying Used Furniture