Tips for choosing patio furniture

Well furnished and comfy patio can be the best thing to happen to your home, especially come summer season with outdoor parties or simply substituting your dining room or kitchen with your patio for eating your meals, because everybody knows that food tastes better outside. But to choose the best patio furniture that will not only look good but also will last for a long time is no easy task, which is why I offer you some helpful tips that can ease your decision as to which patio table, chairs and other furniture to choose from the vast amount of options that are out there right now.


The first and foremost thing you need to do is to figure out how exactly you want your patio to look. You can either look inspiration on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr or just invent your own style of patio decor. You can even tailor the furniture to your garden by sticking to a similar color scheme as the most of your flowers are or for example do all wooded furniture for more of a rustic feel. And then once you have a general idea of how you want your patio to look like, make a list and take measurements. A list will provide that you don’t go overboard by seeing all the cute patio furniture but measurements will ensure that all of the furniture that you buy will actually fit on your patio and you won’t have to return some of them or find other places where to put them. Moreover the measurements are especially useful when you are buying a desk as often a desk is the central peace of a patio furniture setup.

When you are actually in the store and deciding on your patio furniture, you also need to consider a few things. First of all consider the care of the furniture you want. Most patio chairs, desks and even couches are specially made for fabrics that are extremely durable, water resistant and very easy to clean and take care of. But there are some things that will naturally require more care, for example white colored furniture, because you can easily see stains on in. The second thing that is just as important is also how comfortable the furniture actually is. Sometimes chairs or even desks can look amazing, but when you actually go to sit on them they turn out to be very uncomfortable. So test out your furniture before you make any kind of decision.


And the last thing to consider regarding your patio furniture is its storage. If you live in a place where it is warm all year long then you might not need to store the furniture away during some point of the year. But if there are distinct winters where you live or even seasons with heavy rain falls then you will definitely need to store your furniture in a dry place, so it is not damaged by rough conditions. So if you have relatively small garage or other storage area, maybe don’t go and by a huge table and chairs that don’t fold, however if you don’ t have to worry about storage space or the weather damaging the furniture, then you can go ahead and buy whatever furniture you like.

Tips for choosing patio furniture

Outdoors furniture Care Guide

Furniture is the foundation of interior design, because it allows us to have a home that not only looks great, but that actually is functional as a home. And although is usually pretty simple to care for your furniture, outdoors furniture that you can find in gardens, and on patios is a different story because this furnishing is directly exposed to the elements and can acquire damage like stains, rust and mildew much quicker. Which is why you need to know how to properly take care of your outdoors furniture, be it made from wood, fabric or simple plastic.

The first thing you should do, to be sure how to care for your particular outdoors furniture s you should read the care guidelines of your furniture that come with it. Most furniture manufacturers nowadays include some type of care manual with the instructions as to how to put together this furniture. But if there is no care guide then you should fallow the basic rules of caring for the fabrics that the furniture is made out of.

When you are starting the cleaning process of your outside furniture , you should start by first dusting the furniture and sweeping off any bigger residue such as pollen, leaves or sand with a soft bristle brush. This will ensure that it will be easier to actually clean it. Follow that with rinsing your furniture with clear water. Here you can simply wet a cloth in water and rinse your furniture that way, because, since outdoors furniture usually is made to be able to withstand water, clear water rinse won’t d any damage to your furniture, cut could remove stains or other dirt from the furniture.

outdoors furniture cleaning

But if water rinse didn’t do any good to your furniture and it is still as dirty as previously, then you need to take it up a notch and use a gentle cleanser to clean the furniture. You don’t even need any special furniture cleaner here, just about one fourth a cup of mix mild dish soap with one gallon of water and you have yourself a gentle furniture cleanser. Use it in conjunction with a soft bristle brush to softly scrub the surface of your furniture. Afterwards use some water to rinse of the soap water and pat the furniture dry. This method should work with most types of outdoors furniture to get it new-looking in no time.

Also make sure that you don’t use very harsh treatments and products on this furniture, as you can never know how it will react to it. There have been cases when people, wanting to clean stains off of their furniture, use bleach and damage their chairs, sofas or tables beyond repair. But if you do think you need something more than a soap water to get your outdoors furniture clean, test the product first on an area of the furniture, that is hidden from sight, as even if the product do damage the material, it won’t be visible and you will know not to use that product on your furniture.

Mold is often a big issue for garden furniture and you can manage the mold with a simple method. Just take some fine sand paper or a brush with a bit coarser bristles and remove the mold where it has grown. Then discard the supplies you used to do it, so you don’t spread the mold spores, clean the area with water or soap water and your furniture will be mold-free again so you can enjoy your outdoors tie by using clean furniture.

Outdoors furniture Care Guide