Furniture from Recycled Materials

Recycling is a huge trend for a while now, because recycling your waste is good for the environment and your sole. But there are people who take recycling to the next level and don’t just recycle by putting the correct materials in the correct bins. They actually create something from recycled materials, and in this case lets look at some of the great furniture pieces that people have made from recycled things.

Coat racks


One of the easiest furniture piece to made from many different recycled materials is coat rack, because it doesn’t require a lot of material or a lot of skill to make the mount-to-the-wall type of coat racks. I have seen coat racks made not only from old door knobs, but also from old hammers that are mounted to a piece of wood and even ones made from wine bottles. The possibilities here really are endless, since you can use hand coats on virtually any object or find a way how to turn any object into something that can serve as a coat rack. And no matter if you buy a recycled coat rack or build it yourself from materials that you have lying around your home, it will still be better that buying new plastic or wood coat racks, where new materials are used to make them.



The second easiest thing to make from recycled materials probably is a chair, since chairs come in so many different varieties, shapes and sizes. Some of the most original recycled material chairs I have seen have been a chair made from thick rope, one made from Walk/Don’t walk signs or chic chair made using old bike parts. With chairs, similarly how it is with coat hangers, you don’t need a lot of material to make a chair, but you will need a little more imaginations in order to turn old materials that you don’t need anymore into chairs that are unique, will look cool in your home and that are functional, too.



And thirdly, tables, too, are common furniture piece that is made from recycled materials, and anything from old wood to books, to plastic bottles to literally anything else can be used to make recycled tables. By making your own table from recyclables, weather it is a dining table, a side table or a coffee table, which is the most common type of tables made from recycled materials I have seen, you can add a special and interesting look to your home as well as have a conversion-starter piece of furniture, that no doubt will be admired by or at least talked about by any guest that comes to your home.

Furniture from Recycled Materials