Best Affordable Furniture Hacks

IKEA or any other cheaper furniture brands are great, because they allow us to have great furniture pieces without having to spend a ton of money on them. But sometimes these cookie-cutter furniture pieces can look a little bland, since they usually don’t have a huge variety in terms or colors or details. So let me give you a couple of ideas how you can turn your furniture into stylish decor pieces and how to do it for cheap.

1. Some paint and new knobs

dresser hack

Dresser is probably one of those furniture pieces that you can get for quite cheap if you don’t mind it not being very stylish or original. But that can easily be remedied by doing some quite simple and most importantly cheap improvements. All you will need for this is some paint, that is suitable for the material the dresser is made out of, and some knew knobs for the dresser drawers. Paint the dresser in a new color, that compliments the rest of the color pallet that you have going on in the room where you are going to put your dresser, let the paint dry and then exchange the old drawer knobs for new, more interesting ones. The knobs can all be the same or you can even go to a furniture store and mix and mach them so the dresser has a more vintage vibe. And you have yourself a completely unique and stylish dresser for cheap.

2. Flower pots as organizers

flower pot organizers

If you are looking for organizers for either your kitchen utensils, your child’s school supplies or makeup, then you should go in the flower pot section instead of sticking just to the office or kitchen supply part of the store. Often you can buy flower pot set-ups that come with a couple of pots all lined up in a rack, and they tend to be much cheaper than special office supply containers. Afterwards you can customize your new organizer by painting it and there you have it, an unique organizer that was inexpensive yet looks great an any room you will be using it in.

3. Two drawers and a piece of wood

DIY work desk

If you are searching for the perfect work desk but cannot seem to find one with enough storage, one that you like or one that isn’t extremely expensive, you might want to thing about buying two (or three or more) cheap drawer units and a piece of wood to put atop of the two drawer units. This way you can customize how much storage you want with buying drawers with more or less space, and you can also customize the type of tabletop you want for your desk, by buying a tabletop or by DIYing one yourself from and old piece of wood. Bonus, you won’t need to purchase special desk legs for your tabletop, that, too, can get expensive, if you want ones that look stylish.

4. Marble it up

DIY marble desk

And last affordable furniture hack that I will give you today is a marble desk without having to spend hundreds on an actual marble table. Just buy a cheap desk preferably with white, black or silver legs (but they can be painted like that, too, so it is not obligatory) and some marble contact paper. Then take the paper and apply it to the tabletop part of the desk. And instantly you have marble look table that is ever so trendy now, without having the expenses of what real marble table costs.

Best Affordable Furniture Hacks