Kitchen Design Trends


Although kitchen is the most functional place of the house and most important aspect when arranging and designing it is comfort and possibility to work easy, it still must be aesthetic as people spend so much time there. It is lot easier to work at place where you want to be, so you must think of beautiful, interesting design for your kitchen. Here are some kitchen design trends that you can use in your kitchen.

One of the most common trends is white color. It is the most popular color for kitchen design right now. Almost everything comes in white – walls ceiling, tiles, floor, furniture, appliances etc. It really creates clean aesthetic looks. However, white color surfaces gets dirty soon, no matter how much you try to care of them and clean them. If you want to integrate this trend in your kitchen at least make sure the surfaces are easy to clean. Better choice would be mix the white color with some other, for example, gray, to make sure you doesn’t have to do the spring cleaning every day.

Hidden appliances now are used almost in any modern kitchen. Appliances make kitchen cold and industrial. With traditional white appliances kitchen reminds some factory, not a cozy room of the house, that is why now all appliances must be hidden. They are mounted into niches and covered with wooden or other material surface to integrate them into the rest of interior. If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen this is a good way how to make this time more comfortable.

Natural materials is a trend for any room of the house and kitchen is no exception. Most popular way how natural materials are integrated into a kitchen design is by using wooden surfaces. Wood is used as a surface not only for table, but for every piece of furniture and also some of the appliances. What is interesting, these wood surfaces are made from rough dark wood, not clean, smooth, varnished wood to make completely natural look. This is not only aesthetic, but functional as well, because you can use any surface as a table.

Really great is that also functional design now is considered as trend. It gets as all kind of place economy for example, installing toe-kick drawer under the lower cabinets, adding containers or extra drawers above the upper cabinets or installing pullout shelves. From designer point of view it is convenient, because you can hide all the tools and make your kitchen beautiful and perfect when not working there, but for owner it is a chance to cook a lot easier.

And the last trend is colorful appliances. Although many designers still use the traditional light colors in design to match with rest of the interior or hide them as it was mentioned before, now bright appliances and sinks are very actual as well. They can be integrated into white interior and in traditional pastel color interior as well. It creates very interesting look and can brighten up the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends