Furniture Trends in 2016

Furniture is very crucial to our lives, because without furniture we wouldn’t have beds to sleep in, desks to work on and closets to take stuff out of. But did you know that just like in fashion in furniture design, too, trends change from year to year, season to season. So if you are decorating your home this season or just want your interior to be up with the trends, then keep on reading this article on this years hottest furniture trends.

1. Colored stainless steel appliances

Colored stainless steel appliances

One of the furniture trend in 2016 regarding mainly kitchen furniture is colored stainless steel appliances. If regular stainless steel has been in style for quite some time and used not only in kitchen furniture but also in bathroom and even living room furniture, then now the shiny silver metal material is being exchanged for a dark alternative of colored steel. That is mostly because it still has that sleekness and durability that stainless steel gives to the furniture, yet provide a bit more interest to the furniture by adding color.

2. Outdoors fabrics indoors

 Outdoors fabrics indoors

If in the past there where some fabrics that were only used for outdoors furniture like outdoors sofas and lounge chairs, then now these materials more and more are used for indoors furniture as well. And that is great because if you have a living room or dining room that is tends to be used a lot, the slightly more durable outdoors fabrics will keep your furniture fresh for longer, without showing any wear and tear signs. On top of that nowadays these outdoors fabrics come in large variety of colors and patterns, so your furniture doesn’t have to be boring to be long-lasting.

3. Statement mirrors

Statement mirrors

Bathrooms too are starting to experience a change in design in the recent years. And one of the newer trends regarding bathroom furniture design is medicine cabinets being replaced with statement mirrors. Although not everyone are down with having less storage only to have some added design elements in their bathrooms, these statement mirrors actually can look very chic and also provide more mirrored space, which can be as helpful as a few extra shelves.

4. Ditching of technology


And lastly believe or not but a furniture trend this season is ditching technology for design and function. A lot of designers and homeowners are choosing not to place a TV in living rooms and instead installing bookshelves, fireplaces or other decor or storage options. This way they are creating a calm, screen and technology free environment, where you can avoid digital distractions that already fill our lives in the form of smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Furniture Trends in 2016