Furniture Arrangement Tips for Small Rooms


The correct placement of furniture is very important for any room. It determinate how the room will look and how functional it will be. It is not an easy task to arrange the furniture, especially in a small room, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips for arranging the furniture at small space that everyone should know.

The first thing in arranging the space always must be determining its size, so you would be able to know what size of furniture you can choose. Use a tape measure to find out whats the size of your room. Don’t forget to measure all the niches and other things that might change the dimensions. Also make sure the hallways, stairs and door widths are wide enough for the furniture you are planning to buy.

When you know the sizes and proportions of your room you must plan approximate arrangement. Just figure out where to put most important and bigest furniture. Base the plan on functional aspects not visual. The objective of this plan is just to have some guidelines so you wouldn’t buy furniture that is too big and doesn’t fit in the room. Just draw a sketch with real proportions. If you have many variants sketch them all so you would have many options to choose from.

For small rooms always use fragmented furniture. Then the task will be a lot easier. If you will choose big items, you will be able to put only one or two of them in the whole room and there will be a lot of free space that you won’t be able to use. Choose many small items, because they are compact. For example, doesn’t buy a sofa, but two or three armchairs so you can combine the arrangement.

Make sure you are using all the vertical space not only horizontal. Most of the people choose to put all the furniture one the ground and then all the lower part of the room if full, but the upper part is empty. For example, use wall mountable shelves, light fixtures, cupboards etc. Also you can use brackets to mount some of the electronic devices on the wall such as TV.

Use foldable and retractable furniture. That will allow you to have a lot of free space most of the time, but it will also be possible to make everything functional when needed. Foe example you can get foldable chairs and tables for the living room so you can feel free everyday, but have some space for sitting and doing other things when visitors come over. Also you can use retractable bed or sofa, so you can have some space in the bedroom.

And use mirrors to make the room visually bigger. That won’t affect functionality, but the room will seem a lot bigger. It won’t look so stuffed and you and your guests will feel more free and comfortable. Also transparent furniture can create similar effect. You can choose glass coffee table and glass shelves to create this visual effect.

Furniture Arrangement Tips for Small Rooms