Bathroom Design Trends


Bathroom is not only a place where to do all hygienic procedures, but also our little heaven of peace where we can relax and spend some time with ourselves. That is why bathroom design is so important. Actually bathroom must be the most aesthetic place in the home, so here are some bathroom design trends you can get inspired from.

One of the top trends is hexagonal tile. They can be either big or small and in different colors. Hexagonal tile look very interesting, because they remind cells, but actually, combined with simple bathroom furniture and other design elements they fit in very well and create very unique, but still elegant look. This trend will be a great solution for those who want their heaven of peace to be outstanding and creative.

Another trend is opened showers. Also that might seem a little bit odd and even unacceptable for many people, because it takes away any privacy and reminds public showers in the swimming pools, however it give unlimited freedom. If you add some plants in your bathroom you can get the feeling of washing in natural waterfall in the middle of the jungle. Also it is practical, because the bathroom looks a lot bigger this way and there is more space for furniture and other things.

Black fixtures are now very trendy. We are used to silver fixtures, so black might look very interesting and unusual, but mixed with appropriate furniture and tile they can look even lot better and synchronized. For example, white bath, marble walls and black shelves would go along with black fixtures just fine. Of course, there are also many other great examples wow it can work.

Usage or organic and natural materials such as wood is now very common. There can be wooden floors or even wooden walls. Also rough natural materials can be used such as rocks and strains. For bathroom furniture and decorations basketry are widely used. Usually these kind of materials are used in other rooms, but now they have been integrated into bathrooms very well. It creates a little bit antique and elegant looks.

Now decorative water-dispensing products are very trendy and that is exactly what can make your bathroom a peace harbor where to get some rest. There is nothing more relaxing than slowly running water and if this running water is complemented with beautiful decorative object, it is even more beautiful.

If we talk about actual colors than now darker tones for bathrooms are widely used. Bathrooms are usually painted in very light colors or even totally white, but now gray, dark brown, and golden colors are mixed with traditional white. They look very good together and remain the clean expression of a white color.

And the last trend is vintage bath. No more modern bubble bathes or Jacuzzi are used. Now a must have item for bathroom design is aristocratic vintage bath. Like the ones high-born persons had few hundred years ago. They can be complimented with golden details to look even more elegant. However, also wooden bathes are actual, as there is natural material chic so common.

Bathroom Design Trends