5 Mistakes Most of us Make When Designing Living Room


Living room is the most important space in the home, because we spend a lot of time there and it is the room we mostly show off to others. That is why living room’s design must be aesthetic, but at the same time functional and it is a really hard task to achieve that. Most of the people make mistakes when designing living room, but luckily designers have come up with the ideas how to fix the most typical living room designing mistakes.

Most typical mistake is focusing too much on the aesthetics and buying furniture and other items that is not even meant for usage, for example, white leather sofa, small glass table and fuzzy, light carpet. All these items look great, but they are not really meant for usage. They will wear out and get ugly soon if you use them. If you really want to get furniture in light color or furniture that can be scratched or differently spoiled easily, at least use covers most of the time, but the best decision still would be to choose more functional furniture at the first place.

Another typical mistake is not having enough light sources. Light is needed for both, functionality and looks. Of course dimmed light looks more romantic and can be a great option if you’re having a party or other event, but make sure you can have more light when doing other things like reading a book or playing some games. Living room should have a variety of light sources, including recessed, hanging fixtures and others so you can adjust lightening to your needs.

Most of the living rooms also doesn’t have enough seats for guests. Typical living room includes sofa and one or two chairs. That is enough only for four or five people. If you want to throw a bigger party or just want to invite some friends over, some won’t be able to sit down. When designing living room you must mostly focus on the number of seats. If your living room is really small, you can buy some folding chairs or sitting bags, but make sure everyone will have something to sit on.

Also using too much decorations is not recommended. People love to decorate living rooms with paintings, family pictures souvenirs from the trips, small gifts etc. That might seem beautiful to you, because these things bring back memories and they are important to you, but they just take a lot of space and collects dust, beside your guests probably won’t like them as much as you do. Choose minimalism for your living room and keep the sentimental pictures for your bedroom.

And the last mistake is not choosing ergonomic furniture. For example, it is quite common to choose only small coffee table which is put next to sofa. It is not possible to put a lot of things there beside people must bend over to get something from it. Basically, if you want to have some guests over and actually do something more than sitting and talking or watching TV, make sure the furniture is comfortable for usage.

5 Mistakes Most of us Make When Designing Living Room