Simple Tips To Help You Live Debt Free

It’s everyone’s desire to live wealthy especially in a society where almost everything you make out of life is determined by how rich you are. If you are financially smart and adopt the right habits with your spending, you can earn enough to be wealthy. However, there is something that could ruin everything you’ve worked for in a snap – debt (Please, note that we are referring to debts incurred on personal expenses and NOT smart leveraged debts used for investments).

Owing not only causes financial failure, it also leads to adverse psychological behavior like depression, shame, frustration, and in extreme cases, even suicidal tendencies. There are, however, ways you could develop habits that could help you live a debt-free life (tabelle di confronto).

Here are some tips to help you…

1. Pay your bills on time: You will always have bills to settle and you know that. No amount of wealth you get can take that away. When the bills come, pay them off at once and don’t procrastinate. Creating a personal budget (and sticking to it) will help. Ensure that you know what your fixed expenses add up to and, consequently, deduct them from your income promptly.

2. Don’t spend when you’re running short: There will always be that temptation to get yourself a little something even when you know you don’t have the means. Sometimes, you try to justify it by saying that you have “earned” it. Other times it seems like such a small, inconsequential expense. However, these things can add up over time to huge sums, sometimes even more than a thousand dollars. Avoid this.

3. Cover the basics: Food, rent, utilities, and health bills – these are important needs you have to cover. Go for cheap but healthy meals so you can avoid treating illnesses. Get your supplements, medication, and pay your utility bills too. But, in all these, learn to separate your wants from your needs. A home is important, a bigger house isn’t always important.

4. Keep yourself entertained: You don’t have to spend a fortune going to see movies, going shopping, going for a dinner, or such things you can’t afford at the moment to keep yourself entertained. Learn to be happy in your own company and spend more time doing fun stuff with people you love in your own home. Get creative!

5. Learn to DIY and cook: There are lots of videos on Youtube on how you can make different stuff on your own with materials in your home. Learning this can help you curb your need to purchase certain items which you’d be able to make yourself. Plus, cooking your own meals ultimately ends up being cheaper and healthier for you. Avoid processed foods like a plague and don’t forget your leftovers too.

6. Never buy on credit: If you desperately need anything, why not save for it? Discipline yourself never to get something that you can’t afford at the moment (with the intention to pay back later). When “later” eventually comes, paying back is always hard and we know there are witnesses reading this shouting “preach!” because it is true. With the exception of a home or a vehicle, you should never buy things on credit. Cancel your credit cards if that’s what it will take (panca inversione migliore).

So, these are our few tips for living a debt-free life. Adding this to a deliberate attempt to educate yourself financially will help you build a financially stable lifestyle like you have dreamed.

Simple Tips To Help You Live Debt Free

Tricks used in menus to make costumers order more

Have you noticed that sometimes when you go to a restaurant or cafe, you order a lot more than you have planned before? If you go to get a drink, you end up at least with some snacks. That’s because menu is not just a simple list of meals. There are some tricks to make costumer’s order a lot more. Next time, when you go to a restaurant or other caterer, pay attention to these tricks.

First trick is to offer as many foods as possible. Costumers might think it’s a good thing to have a lot of meals to choose from, but actually it’s a psychological trick. Costumer will feel confused and willing to order more than one food, because everything will seem tasty. It is very simple – if you can’t choose one food, you will have two or more, even if you are not that hungry. IF you know this trick, it is easier to concentrate and choose only one food.

Some caterers add pictures to the menu. Again, that might seem as a courtesy from an establishment, because it helps to understand how the food will look and taste, but actually it’s meant to make you hungrier. These pictures are really appetizing, so you will want to have that, no matter what your first plan was. Only way how you can avoid this trick is to strictly adhere to your intentions to come over to caterer.

The next trick is manipulation with prices. It is really hard to spot this, because many people doesn’t even notice that it affects’ them. It’s psychological trick that only professionals can truly understand. For example, they put 9, 99 EUR for the food instead of 10, 00 EUR, because cents are considered as change that doesn’t matter so 9, 99 EUR seems a lot less than 10, 00 EUR, although it’s almost the same.

Caterers also use the same tricks that supermarkets, only in menus not showcases. That means they put the most expensive foods right in the middle or on top so you see them better. Cheaper ones are at the bottom so you wouldn’t pay attention on them.

Something similar is putting normal priced foods next to very expensive foods. For example they put a meal that costs 100 EUR and put a meal that pays only 20 EUR right next to it. They don’t expect you to order this expensive dish, but at the same time it makes the other meal look very cheap. Order what you want, not what looks profitable.

Also lot of caterers, especially restaurants, uses fancy language that makes the meals seem very sophisticated and expensive. For example if they use name brochettes, it seems like a very tasty foreign food, however those are just bake slices of bread with some side dish. So better pay attention of the components of the meal than name.

So next time when you eat outside the house, pay attention to some tricks caterers use to make you hungry and willing to order expensive foods. That will make it able to have a nice meal for low cost.

Tricks used in menus to make costumers order more

Wooden Furniture Care


Wooden furniture is strong, qualitative and also looks great, but unfortunately keeping it clean and maintaining it can be a very hard task as wood has a tendency of accumulating dust and dirt and also soak all kind of liquids. If you have a wooden furniture at home or you are willing to get it, follow these wooden furniture care tips to make sure this kind of furniture will last and look great for a long time.

Use only warm water, soft cloth and mild dish soap to clean wooden furniture. Water won’t do any harm to the furniture, just make sure you don’t soak it too much, because than it will be permanently damaged. Don’t use any chemicals or special cleaners, because they can corrode the wood. You can use cleaners only if wooden furniture has some metallic or glass parts. To reach some gaps and other hard-to-reach spaces you can use toothbrush or q-tips.

To protect the wooden furniture you can use soft paste wax. Before doing that, make sure exact wax is appropriate for wooden furniture. If so, read the instructions before doing something. Probably you will need to apply it in a very thin coat, wait few minutes and wipe it off with soft cloth. After this procedure wooden furniture should get beautiful shine and also it should be protected against dirt and other harmful factors for about one moth.

Protect the furniture from the sun and the heat. Fine finishes can fade and the wood can dry out and shrink in the sunlight and heat. That will cause cracks and other damages. To avoid that make sure wooden furniture is not placed near heating units and also there is no direct sunlight getting through. If there is no other place to put the furniture than next to window where sun is shining, at least cover its surface with some cloth.

If there are any white hazy rings or spot that the hot coffee mug or other dishes have made, you must get rid of them very carefully. One of the options is to use mild abrasive for example, baking soda with some oil. To clean them use soft cloth, but make sure you are cleaning only the dirty spot not all the surface. Another way is using dilute bleach. That also is harmful for the wood so don’t scrub all the furniture. Be very careful with these cleaning methods. The best advice would be using mats under dishes to not get these kind of stains in the first place.

Change the placement of items and accessories on wood furniture surfaces and also change the placement of the furniture within the room once in a while to redistribute wear patterns. Unfortunately wood, as many natural materials has a tendency to fade and change color, to avoid that make sure you are not subjecting it to exposure of negative factors all the time.

Also don’t place any unnatural, synthetic objects distractedly to the surface of the wooden furniture. That can cause chemical damage on the furniture. Although not all the synthetic materials can cause damage and actually the chance to get them is very small, still it would be wise to use mats if doing that, because these kind of damages are permanently.

Wooden Furniture Care

Tips for Moving Furniture


Either you’re moving out or just rearranging your house, moving heavy furniture is a hard and responsible job. It can make scratches, dents and even bigger damages to the furniture and also can negatively impact your health if done incorrectly. Here are some advises, how to move heavy, awkward items without wrecking your back, your house or your furniture.

Dismantle furniture only so much you can move it. Many people totally dismantle furniture, because they think it will make moving easier. Of course, it will be easier to carry only some parts of the furniture not the whole item, but dismantled furniture can’t be put together as it was before. It might become skew when put beck together again. Better don’t risk with possibility to damage your furniture and keep it in as big parts as you can.

Tall items must be carried high and low. A tall items are hard and awkward to handle so it is a job for two people. To hold the piece of furniture, tip it backward at the angle and have one person carry the top and other the bottom. This gripe makes sure that the weight is put on the center of the item and you will have control over it. Using this method you can even easily carry furniture up and down the stars.

Use lifting straps for very heavy items that is difficult to grasp. Some furniture is so heavy and slippery that even two or thee people can’t carry it. If you have that kind of items as well, use lifting straps. Those are very durable traps that can be put around forearms to change the weight center and other part is put around the piece of furniture so it would be easy to grasp it. Look for lifting straps that can be adjusted for different length and size objects.

Slide your furniture if you can. If you doesn’t need to move your furniture floor by floor, but just to put it a little bit further, slide it using blanket or any other cloth. Just put the cloth under the furniture and pull it in the direction you want your furniture to be. It will make the moving a lot easier and you can be sure your floor and furniture won’t be damaged.

Protect the furniture with bubble film or regular film. Carrying furniture can easily create all kind of damages if you hit a corner. To prevent that, the best method is wrapping all your furniture in a film. It won’t protect the furniture if it falls, but at least you can be sure there won’t be any scratches and small dents. You can buy a film in any retail store.

And plan where exactly every piece of furniture will be placed. No matter if you are moving or just rearranging your house, make sure you won’t do double work. Carrying furniture is very heavy work so better put every item in the place where it will be placed for the rest of the time. Many people just move furniture out of its place and then think what to do next, but it is just unnecessary work.

Tips for Moving Furniture

Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom


Bedroom is one of the main rooms of the house. It’s the place where we spend most of our time and where we rest our minds. It’s hard to relax if you have a nagging feeling that there is something wrong with the place, so correct bedroom design is very important. If you have that feeling and you are willing to change it, here are some advises from the experts how to create a better bedroom.

Use very simple arrangement of the furniture. Although usually there are not may pieces of the furniture in the bedrooms, many people are willing to make things complicated. Bedroom arrangement should be very traditional – the bed is the central object and there should be side circulation around it. Also usually there is closet in the bedroom which can be located either on the one side of the bed or at the foot of the bed, depending on the rooms’ dimensions. Other furniture and items can be placed in different ways, but make sure you keep the balance. Don’t put too many things at one place.

Don’t forget about the privacy. Many people don’t feel comfortable in their bedrooms, because when someone comes in he can see everything at the first glimpse. To avoid that you can create a small foyer by placing the closet on the wall next to the doors. If that is not possible, because of the dimensions of the room, thing of other methods how to hide your sleeping ares a little bit, for example, put some bigger plans on the side of the bed.

Drawer is a must have item for any bedroom. Put it right next to the bed, so you can hide all the bedtime necessities such as medicine, cosmetics, tissues, chargers etc. Some small irrelevant objects can destroy the looks of any interior, no matter how beautiful and deliberative it is, so make sure you can put them all in one place where no one can see them.

Get some furniture for sitting. Although bedroom is mostly meant for sleeping and sitting is for dining room or living room, putting small table and some small chairs or sitting bags is a great idea. It can make the bedroom look more cozy and also they can be functional. For example, you can sometimes eat your breakfast in the bedroom or just put some things on it.

Buy an area rug. There is nothing more unpleasant than stepping on the cold floor after getting out of the bed. Rug will make every morning more pleasant, beside it will create better looks and even can make your bedroom look bigger if placed concretely. Place many small rugs alongside the bed or one bigger rug under the whole bed. You can also put one fur rug at the foot of the bed to create very cozy design. Be creative and experiment with positions of the rug until you get the right feeling.

Get some pillows and blankets. There is nothing else more cozy than bed full of warm blankets and fuzzy pillows. Choose them in colors that matches the rest of the interior for better looks, but make sure they are warm, fuzzy and nice to touch. That will definitely make your bedroom the best room of the house where you want to spend your time and relax.

Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom

Kitchen Design Trends


Although kitchen is the most functional place of the house and most important aspect when arranging and designing it is comfort and possibility to work easy, it still must be aesthetic as people spend so much time there. It is lot easier to work at place where you want to be, so you must think of beautiful, interesting design for your kitchen. Here are some kitchen design trends that you can use in your kitchen.

One of the most common trends is white color. It is the most popular color for kitchen design right now. Almost everything comes in white – walls ceiling, tiles, floor, furniture, appliances etc. It really creates clean aesthetic looks. However, white color surfaces gets dirty soon, no matter how much you try to care of them and clean them. If you want to integrate this trend in your kitchen at least make sure the surfaces are easy to clean. Better choice would be mix the white color with some other, for example, gray, to make sure you doesn’t have to do the spring cleaning every day.

Hidden appliances now are used almost in any modern kitchen. Appliances make kitchen cold and industrial. With traditional white appliances kitchen reminds some factory, not a cozy room of the house, that is why now all appliances must be hidden. They are mounted into niches and covered with wooden or other material surface to integrate them into the rest of interior. If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen this is a good way how to make this time more comfortable.

Natural materials is a trend for any room of the house and kitchen is no exception. Most popular way how natural materials are integrated into a kitchen design is by using wooden surfaces. Wood is used as a surface not only for table, but for every piece of furniture and also some of the appliances. What is interesting, these wood surfaces are made from rough dark wood, not clean, smooth, varnished wood to make completely natural look. This is not only aesthetic, but functional as well, because you can use any surface as a table.

Really great is that also functional design now is considered as trend. It gets as all kind of place economy for example, installing toe-kick drawer under the lower cabinets, adding containers or extra drawers above the upper cabinets or installing pullout shelves. From designer point of view it is convenient, because you can hide all the tools and make your kitchen beautiful and perfect when not working there, but for owner it is a chance to cook a lot easier.

And the last trend is colorful appliances. Although many designers still use the traditional light colors in design to match with rest of the interior or hide them as it was mentioned before, now bright appliances and sinks are very actual as well. They can be integrated into white interior and in traditional pastel color interior as well. It creates very interesting look and can brighten up the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends

How to Paint the Furniture?


Painting can give a second life to your old furniture. Almost any piece of hard wooden furniture can be renovated this way, but unfortunately the outcome may not look the same as you imagined if doing this task incorrectly. There are some things you should know before painting your old furniture to make sure it will look better not worse than it was before.

First you need to sand the furniture. Many paint instructions says that there is no need to sand the surface before painting, but actually there always is a need to do it. There is no paint that can give smooth result without sanding. Sand all the surfaces of the furniture with 150 grit sandpaper if you have furniture without varnish or 80 grit if you are sanding a furnishing with an existing varnish. Be gentle to make sure you are not scratching the surface too much and changing the actual shape of it.

Remove all the residue. Wipe the surface with soft cloth to remove any residue and dust. Make sure there is nothing on the surface that might damage the paint. If the residue is very small and the cloth can’t collect them, you might also use a blow dryer. Only be careful to not mess your room with there residue and dust.

Then ground the surface of the furniture. Many people skip this step when painting the furniture, but that is very important. Use a foam roller for this task. If there are any hard-to-reach areas, you can also use a brush to ground them. When all the surface has been grounded, let it dry according to instructions. After that you might want to sand the surface again with 220 grit sanding to make sure there are no undulations. After sanding clean the surface with cloth again.

Paint the furniture. When all the preparation works have been done, it’s finally time for painting. Use latex paint in any color and small foam roller for painting. Again, if there are hard-to-reach areas, you can use small brush as well, but be very careful to mot paint in too thick layer. Do the painting in many layers. Paint the first layer and wait until it drys. Then check if there are no undulations. If there are sand it before painting the next layer. Do the same after the second layer as well. Finally put on the last, third layer of paint and wait until it drys.

And finally apply some gloss for protection. The better choice for the furniture would be polycrylic water based protecting gloss. It will protect the paint against many negative factors and also will give more perfect look. Apply it in one or two layers with small foam roller and make sure you do it very carefully. This is the last cover and there will be no chance to sand it if something goes wrong. If you will carefully follow the instructions your old furniture will look greater than ever before.

How to Paint the Furniture?

How to Make Sure that Furniture Has a High Quality?


When buying furniture, most people base their decision only on aesthetic aspects and price. They are trying to find a furniture that would look good at their home, that would match the interior and that is not too expensive, but actually the most important criteria should be the quality. You should always make sure that furniture you are buying will last for a long time even if used very intensively. Here are some advises how to check if the furniture is qualitative or not?

First you must learn the difference between materials used to manufacture furniture. If we talk about wood furniture, mostly there are three types of wood used – solid wood, veneers wood, composite wood. Solid wood is the most expensive material, but it ensures the best quality. Solid wood furniture will last for many years. Other materials may look great, but they can be breakable. Also leather furniture is made from different materials. Most of them are made from artificial leather. This kind of material will wear out soon. If you want leather furniture, make sure they are made from real leather or very high quality leather imitation. If you are looking for fabric furniture, make sure the fabric is strong and thick enough.

Check the construction frames and mounts. Each furniture has some basic frame. It must be very stable. If it is loos and staggered, the furniture might not hold together and after some time of usage it might bend or some details might not work. The endurance of furniture frame mostly depends on mounts. Make sure there are strong metal screws used to hole the furniture together not only glue, nails or wooden spikes. Check the mounts very carefully before buying the furniture, because most of the people notice the bad quality of mounts only when the furniture is already brought home.

Check for any dents, scratches and other damages on exhibits. Of course, you wont get exactly the same piece of furniture you are checking at the store, but if there are some damages on them, there is a pretty big chance you will get the same kind of damages on your furniture soon. For example, if there are many scratches, it might mean that the material is not resistant and any harder touch can leave permanent marks on your furniture.

Check for the manufacturer, retailer and the country of origin as well. There are leading counties in furniture manufacturing that makes really good, high quality furniture such as Italy, Germany, France, USA etc. Of course, also furniture from these countries might be low quality, but if you choose them, there will be a lot smaller chance to buy something that is not qualitative. Also do some research and check which are the top brands in furniture manufacturing. Just like any commercial product, also furniture has some top brands, only most of the people are not familiar with them.

And the last advice would be to choose a furniture with long warranty. That not only secures your interests, but also ensures that furniture won’t break so soon. Some of the leading furniture manufacturers even give more than ten years of warranty, because they know how qualitative their furniture are and that it won’t break in this period of time.

How to Make Sure that Furniture Has a High Quality?

How to build your own furniture?


Nowadays furniture stores are full of all kind of items. You can find many types, variants and designs for any kind of furniture, but they are not unique. Everyone can go into the same store and get the same furniture as you do. Even designer furniture is made in many exemplars, so the only way how to get truly unique furniture that no one else will ever have is by making it yourself. It might seem like a very complicated task, but actually it is quite simple if you follow the instructions step by step.

Start with a training. First you should try to make something small, to find out what it really means to make a furniture. You doesn’t even have to make an actual piece of furniture, but at least tray sawing boards, hitting nails, screwing screws etc. If you want your furniture to look not only original, but also qualitative and perfect, you must know how to do all these tasks correctly. If you really want to make furniture that you will actually use, dedicate some time for training and start making furniture only when you have some skills.

When you have mastered basics, you can start thinking of design. Be creative, but don’t push yourself too much at the beginning. Don’t choose too complicated piece of furniture. Start with a shelf, a coffee table or a stool. After that make a sketch from all dimensions. Drew your piece of furniture from the front, from the side and from the top to know exactly how it will look, what materials you will need and what you will have to do to make it.

Then think of the joints and fasteners you might use. Usually there are different variants. You can use glue, nails, different screws etc. If you are familiar with different mounts, you can make the decide by your own, but if not, search for this information in the internet. You will be able to find many videos with mounting furniture and you can learn from that. Also you can just ask for advice from any carpenter or builder.

When you know how your furniture will look and what materials you need, you must shop them. Go to closer furniture component store and find what you need. There will be boards, poles, wooden blocks and everything else you might need. When shopping for furniture components, make sure you are choosing the according to the sizes you need. If you cant find exact size, you will have to saw it yourself and then the furniture won’t look so aesthetic. Also by the mounts you need.

Then you only have to put everything together. Use your sketches and remember everything you learned about joints and fasteners. If you have some questions or quandary, again you can google your question and there is a pretty big chance you will find the answer on the internet. Do everything very slowly. Measure everything twice before doing something and make sure you haven’t forget anything. Only then you will be able to make useful furniture.

The first items of furniture might not be so great, but you will improve within time. It is a thing that can be learned very easily by doing. Practice as much as you can and soon you will be able to make your own design furniture that no one else can have.

How to build your own furniture?

Furniture Arrangement Tips for Small Rooms


The correct placement of furniture is very important for any room. It determinate how the room will look and how functional it will be. It is not an easy task to arrange the furniture, especially in a small room, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips for arranging the furniture at small space that everyone should know.

The first thing in arranging the space always must be determining its size, so you would be able to know what size of furniture you can choose. Use a tape measure to find out whats the size of your room. Don’t forget to measure all the niches and other things that might change the dimensions. Also make sure the hallways, stairs and door widths are wide enough for the furniture you are planning to buy.

When you know the sizes and proportions of your room you must plan approximate arrangement. Just figure out where to put most important and bigest furniture. Base the plan on functional aspects not visual. The objective of this plan is just to have some guidelines so you wouldn’t buy furniture that is too big and doesn’t fit in the room. Just draw a sketch with real proportions. If you have many variants sketch them all so you would have many options to choose from.

For small rooms always use fragmented furniture. Then the task will be a lot easier. If you will choose big items, you will be able to put only one or two of them in the whole room and there will be a lot of free space that you won’t be able to use. Choose many small items, because they are compact. For example, doesn’t buy a sofa, but two or three armchairs so you can combine the arrangement.

Make sure you are using all the vertical space not only horizontal. Most of the people choose to put all the furniture one the ground and then all the lower part of the room if full, but the upper part is empty. For example, use wall mountable shelves, light fixtures, cupboards etc. Also you can use brackets to mount some of the electronic devices on the wall such as TV.

Use foldable and retractable furniture. That will allow you to have a lot of free space most of the time, but it will also be possible to make everything functional when needed. Foe example you can get foldable chairs and tables for the living room so you can feel free everyday, but have some space for sitting and doing other things when visitors come over. Also you can use retractable bed or sofa, so you can have some space in the bedroom.

And use mirrors to make the room visually bigger. That won’t affect functionality, but the room will seem a lot bigger. It won’t look so stuffed and you and your guests will feel more free and comfortable. Also transparent furniture can create similar effect. You can choose glass coffee table and glass shelves to create this visual effect.

Furniture Arrangement Tips for Small Rooms